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Pray For Me

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Did you know that kids who remain connected to the church and flourish in their faith have multiple adult believers who are intentionally investing in their lives? According to research by Sticky Faith, 40-50% of young people from good youth groups and families are drifting from God and the church after high school. In fact, research shows that adult believers are crucial in passing on a lasting faith to the next generation. So, how can we connect more adults with more young people more naturally than ever before?

The PRAY FOR ME CAMPAIGN answers this question:

The Pray for Me Campaign is a movement designed to naturally create multi-generational relationships through prayer. By strategically rallying the people of God around the next generation through the catalyst of prayer, we can make a kingdom impact that will last into eternity.

How it works:
Families with children (grade 6 and below) invite three believers from three separate generations to act as their prayer champions- lifting them up before the throne every day for the next year.

Individual Youth (grades 7-12) also will invite three believers from three separate generations to act as their prayer champions over the course of the next year.

Prayer Champions

You are our prayer warriors! These are the saints who have committed to pray for our next generation. If you are a believer you can serve as a Prayer Champion for a family or youth who desperately needs it.

Prayer Guide
Each Prayer Champion will be given a copy of the Pray for Me prayer guide. Each page contains a passage of Scripture along with a prayer to assist you in praying for our next generation. The guide is made to be prayed through three times a year.

Launch Event

Our Prayer Champions will connect with families and youth and families at this event. It will happen on Sunday, March 5th after the 10:30 a.m. service. If you would like your family or student to be prayed for please plan on coming! Lunch will be provided!