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It is our vision to humble ourselves and serve the church as Christ did through meeting a practical need of our brothers and sisters.
The meals ministry is designed to provide meals when needed. We also assist members with meals and/or refreshments following a memorial service of an immediate family member. The frequency and duration of meals is set by our ministry coordinator Cynthia Patterson.
Interested in joining our team?
Click below and we will add you to our team, communicating the needs of our members to the entire team as they arise. You can sign up to bring meals for as many or as few opportunities as you are able.

Don’t cook? While a casserole says a lot, so does a purchased meal or even a gift card! During difficult times, the stress of meal planning can become extremely overwhelming, and not having to think about the one question, “What’s for dinner?” can be a huge relief.
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I could use a meal, what do I do?
If you are in a life group, reach out to your leaders first. They will often partner with the meals ministry if the group is unable to meet the entire need.

Keep your ruling elder or a deacon informed of the crisis. Not sure who that is?
Email and we will have them contact you directly.

The church wants to serve you by
praying for you and encouraging you as well as providing meals!
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