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January & February - 9:00 in the Cafe Strong and Courageous – The Book of Joshua
Dr. Alan Freitag, Professor and Dean at UNC Charlotte is leading us through this fabulous account of God's people moving into the Promised Land. When Joshua takes over after Moses, God commands him to "be strong and courageous" for he will be tested by enemies, by his own people, and by his own doubts. This is a book of battles, victories and defeats, miracles and deceptions that speaks to today's world in powerful ways.
Jan 7 Intro: Setting the scene
Jan 14 Mobilizing (ch 1-2)
Jan 21 Preparation (ch 3-4)Jan 28 A plan and a battle (ch 5-6)
Feb 4 Disobedience and failure (ch 7)
Feb 11 Obedience and victory (ch 8-9)
Feb 18 Deception, deliverance & provisional rewards (ch 10-21)
Feb 25 Consecration and covenant renewal (ch 22-24)
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January & February - 10:30 in the Fellowship Hall Loving God’s Rag Dolls
We are all rag dolls, broken and ragged, but loved by God through Jesus Christ! Yes he loves his rag dolls – and yet calls us to love his rag dolls, too, which can get complicated! Join in the sessions below for help in having better relationships in marriage, with friends, at church or wherever.
Jan 7 & 14 - Doug Falls How the Trinity and being created in God’s image show us how to relate to one another.
Jan 21 - Chad Barber
Helping People in Crisis and Grief

Jan 28 - Jenny Holladay
Knowing Who You Are
Feb 4 - Jenny Holladay
Sharing Who You Are
Feb 11 - Bev Burrell
Healthy Boundaries | Healthy Relationships
Feb 18 - Dean Williams & Eric Hoffman Communication and Conflict Resolution
Feb 25 - Doug Falls
The Ragged God

Loving God's Rag Dolls Audio

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