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Verse of the Month

Beginning in February of 2013, the StoneBridge Community is seeking to grow in grace and discipleship by memorizing a Bible verse once a month.  When Rick Harper has done leadership training at the church, Bible memorization has always been a part of it.  Consistently, he is told by participants how that one discipline has helped their spiritual growth more than anything else.  Please consider making this simple act a part of your daily pursuit of Christ and practicing his grace.

Below are some ways to help you memorize, followed by our monthly verses.  We are listed the verses in the New International Version, but feel free to use your own favorite translation.
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As you begin . . .
  • Read the context of each verse you memorize.  See how it fits into the larger narrative by reading what comes before and after it.
  • Try to gain a clear understanding of what the verse means. You may want to read it in other Bible translations.  You should consider consulting a commentary or study Bible to help.
  • Read the verse through several times.  Now read it aloud.  This can help you grasp the verse as a whole. Each time you read it, say the reference, verse, and then the reference again.
  • Pray about the verse and ask the Lord to help you apply it to your life.

As you continue . . .
  • Work on saying the verse aloud as much as possible. 
  • If you are memorizing a longer verse, learn the first phrase of the verse. Slowly continue adding more phrases until you can it quote correctly.  Don't be in a hurry, it's not a race!
  • Think about how the verse applies to you and your daily circumstances.

Some other strategies . . .
  • Writing the verse can be helpful as it impresses it in your mind.  Consider writing it many times in a simple notebook. 
  • Find a friend to help you.  Memorize together and repeat it aloud to each other.
  • Parents, include your children in the process.  Read it together at a meal and make it fun. Be amazed at how your children may memorize it faster than you. :)
  • Memorize it together in your small group meetings.
  • Write the verse on a sticky note and place it somewhere you will see it often.
  • Have your mobile phone remind you each day by sending you a push message or pop-up note.
  • Review the verse immediately after learning it, and repeat it frequently in the next few days. This is crucial for fixing the verse firmly in your mind because of the tendency to forget something recently learned. 
  • Review! Review! Review! Repetition is the best way to engrave the verses on your memory.
  • Remember why you are doing this - to know and love Jesus more and have his word in your heart and mind.  Avoid getting legalistic and also becoming self-righteous as you progress and get many verses memorized.

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